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Carefully selected and curated pre-owned cars

Our collection of pre-owned cars is unparalleled in terms of quality and performance. We accept nothing less than an impeccable condition and care history before adding a previously owned vehicle to our fleet.

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A premier selection of new release vehicles

We offer the leading models from some of the word's most sought-after  performance brands. Keep ahead of the curve and travel in modern elegance with automobiles that deliver true joy while creating pure envy.

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Service your vehicle with our car care team

Our incredibly friendly and professional service extends beyond helping you find the perfect vehicle for you. Let us service your vehicle and make sure it's pristine condition remains in top shape for many years to come.

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Our caring team is committed to service excellence.

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How often should I get my car serviced?

We recommend having your car serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements.  If you drive in dusty or muddy conditions or over rough roads the service intervals should be shortened , talk to the team about tailoring the servicing to suit your use of your car and we’ll provide you with the right advice.

Why should I get my car serviced at Northstar?

Regular servicing at the dealership helps with resale value when it comes time to purchase a new car and gives you peace of mind knowing that your car is in the hands of people who know it inside out.  

The technicians at Northstar have access to all of the latest information, updates and technology to keep your car safe and performing as new.  To make a booking, simply contact the team via phone or our online booking form.

What about tyres?

Tyres are the only link between your car and the road, it’s vital that the pressures are checked regularly.  Over or underinflated tyres can dramatically the safety and handling of your car as well as wearing prematurely.  

We recommend checking your tyres once a month for any cuts or damage and inflating them to the pressures recommended by the manufacturer on the tyre placard located on your vehicle.  If you need any assistance or would like to drop in and have your tyres checked, please contact the team.

Windscreen wipers. What's the deal there?

Windscreen wipers are made of rubber and do deteriorate over time.  They sit in the weather, they get dirty, they have to skip over bugs and debris on your windscreen when you use them- it’s a pretty tough life.  

When you wash your car pay, attention to the windscreens and make sure they are clean, use some glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth to get the last of any residue off.  Doing this will prolong the life of your wipers and ensure you can see where you are going even when it’s not raining.  

Topping up your windscreen washer bottle and adding washer additive regularly will also help keep your windscreens clean on the outside.  If your wipers need replacing, contact the team and we can do this while you wait.

What if I need a part or accessory?

When a car is designed the manufacturer takes great care to ensure that every part functions in harmony with the rest of the car to make sure that the car complies to all necessary regulations and operates as it should.  The same goes for parts and accessories.  All genuine parts and accessories go through a rigorous testing process to ensure that they fit and work correctly on your car.  

You may be able to find a cheaper roof rack, for example, but will the wind noise be unbearable?  Will it overload the roof of your car?  Will it be safe?  Only genuine parts and accessories can fit exactly to your car with no compromise as well as increasing your resale value.

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A fantastic experience at Northstar, nice showroom and service, and all incredible people. Thanks to Blake, very friendly and kind recommendation. I am happy and satisfied with my car purchase!
Ben D.
Best service department ever, nothing is ever to much trouble and they go above and beyond, do not overlook them.
Maralea N.
Honest and easy to deal with, David Lia made buying my first car a wonderful experience. Car was delivered on time and was in excellent condition. Many thanks to North Star Mildura
Hayden B.
Sensational customer service.
Malcom Douglas
Great cars. Great staff. Great service.
Mark Dickson

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